Freely express your fitness art through efficient software

For the past 4 years, we've worked to create a support tool that would redefine how program design and client information tracking is done.

Built To Be Simple & Intuitive

Trainer Art aims to represent, inspire and support the improvement in standards of the fitness industry, ultimately changing the way fitness is done!
We challenge the status quo by making it simple, affordable and intuitive for personal trainers or professional coaches to enhance their service with our technology.

We designed an efficient and flexible web application that makes the boundaries between tracking data and coaching hard to discern

Working together, we'll redefine what's possible

We're rolling out a beta version of Trainer Art and challenge you to give us a try during our free month testing period. Start using Trainer Art today and help us deliver fitness innovation.

Here are some benefits we're happy to offer you with early sign up:

One-on-One Assitance!

We'll help you set up your account, add a client, create your program design, and resolve any technical issues you may have

Free 1-Month Service Membership!

Use our software at no cost!

Free 1-Year Additional Upgrades!

Any additional features or add ons will be at no cost!

With your help and feedback we'll be fully operational in time for our launch on September 1st.

Jump in to see how our technology can help you more easily deliver results. After the testing period, we will be giving our service, valued at 100$/month by our comptetitors, for a minimal fee of 15$/month.

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